Joint Readiness Training Center & Fort Polk

Come and enjoy Vernon Parish, Louisiana's Legend Country.

Fort Polk covers 198,963 acres in permanent building, housing, and training ranges. It was part of the famous "Louisiana Maneuvers" which took place in the early 1940s and was the largest training maneuver of its kind staged before or since. The army base has the second largest payroll in the state, employing over 4,600 civilians (DA, contract, PX, and other). With over 37,000 military retirees and their family members living in the area (including southeast Texas), Fort Polk is a most welcome resource.The U.S. Army's elite national Joint Readiness Training Center for the Department of Defense has found a home at Fort Polk. Soldiers from the international community as well as our own forces train in rotational cycles throughout the year in various settings to prepare them for all types of warfare situations. Also circulating through the JRTC and Fort Polk are the multitude of reserve components such as ROTC, National Guard, and Reserves.

Fort Polk