Smart Plantation House 1855

Come and enjoy Vernon Parish, Louisiana's Legend Country.

Built in 1855, the Smart Plantation House is the oldest building in Leesville. It is a prime example of the Southern Planter architectural style. The house was home to Dr. Edmund E. Smart and his family, who owned considerable acreage in the area. When Vernon Parish was created from parts of Sabine, Natchitoches, and Rapides parishes, Dr. Smart donated part of his land for the courthouse, and the city of Leesville was established as the county seat. The one-story wood frame house faces the old Leesville central business district. It rests on brick piers and has a spreading hip roof with a low pitch. It features a quite distinctive gallery, which originally encircled the entire house. The unique columns, with their cutout design, are Italianate in style. In addition, the original house had a separate kitchen which sat on the south side of the house. Kitchens were often separate from the main house, primarily because of the danger of fire. This building still remains on the property. Recently, the home has been purchased by James and Mariget Turner, who have begun restoring the house to its original condition. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

301 S. First St.